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Looking for quality products to satisfy your everyday needs? Then you have to look no further because you are in the right place! At Texas Custom Blades, we offer you unique and quality products that meet and exceed your expectations! We pride ourselves in providing you with products that are high quality, cost-effective solutions at prices anyone can afford. Get in touch with us online for details on our stock if you have questions.

Incredible Customer Service

Excellent customer service is our top priority; that’s why we always strive to better it. Your comments, opinions, and other feedback enable us to know our customers much better in a bid to improve the customer service that we currently offer. Our customer service team handles all your complaints in due time while keeping you informed. Moreover, identifying doubts or objections that our customers have at the time of purchase helps us offer immediate solutions. We never stop listening as every customer opinion is pure gold.

100% one off customs

All blades are totally hand built and for customs we will be in contact so I get you a fully functioning knife that's your "go to" blade anytime.

Watch for shop specials

Got to keep you checking back for in store specials and auctions.

Exotic materal

We stride to get the look and feel that you just cant get from synthetic materials, all our mammoth molars and parts , hornes , giraffe femer, exodic woods are all responsible sourced.


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